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About Me


Hi, this is Lingjun

Designing THE mobile app at ShopBack.

This intro was last updated in Feb 2017


Sentences starting with "I" 

I m obsessed with apps, both designing and using them. 

I like watching people use apps. 

I get stressed out when people ask me whether I do UI or UX, so do not ask..  

I wanna learn a bit of everything, maybe more than a bit if life is longer. 

I m good at logics. It might be because that I studied Mechanical Engineering in school, or I m secretly a Vulcan.

I m open to exploring styles, curious about design tools.

I respect patterns. But patterns should not confine creativity.  

I would rather prototype the shit out of an idea than only talking about it. 

I think "Designers should learn coding". But I m currently stuck at JavaScript. 

I used to dance, a lot. Rhythm gives me peace and release. Find my old dance videos here

I m on level 1883 on Candy Crush.

I love loyalty systems, rewards, and member exclusive stuff.  

I started writing about UX and how people use apps here


Design / Wireframing: Sketch, Figma

Collaboration:  Figma, Overflow

Prototyping: Invision, Principle

Animation: After Effects, Principle, Keynote

Others: Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer

What I Can

UX/UI design for web/mobile



Usability Testing